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Cesare Lampronti has over 60 Years’ Experience on the international Art Market

The gallery, founded in 1914 by his grandfather, specialises in Italian Old Master Paintings of the 17th and 18th Centuries, with a particular focus on view paintings, landscapes and still lives, ranging from Caravaggio to Canaletto and their followers.

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Elisabetta Sirani

Elisabetta Sirani

(Bologna, 1638-1665)
Oil on canvas, 109 x 149.5 cm
Berenice Cutting her Hair Bibliography:

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“Donne nell’Arte da Tiziano a Boldini”, Palazzo Martinengo Brescia - 22 January 2022 to 12 June 2022

Berenice Cutting her Hair

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino

(Cento, c.1591 – Bologna, 1666)
Oil on canvas, 199 x 97 cm
The Persian Sybil Expertise: Nicholas Turner (2017)
Artemisia: Wrouw & Macht – Rijksmuseum, Twenthe – 26 September 2021 – 23 January 2022.

The Persian Sybil

Roman Artist from the First Quarter of the 18th Century

Roman Artist from the First Quarter of the 18th Century

First Quarter of the 18th Century
Carved wooden panel with miniature portraits and wax ovals, 125 x 107 cm
Commemorative Panel of Papal Portraits

Bibliography: Papi in posa, catalogue of the exhibition curated by M. E. Tittoni, F. Buranelli, F. Petrucci (Roma, 2004)

Papi in Posa, Palazzo Braschi; I Papi della Memoria - Castel Sant’Angelo June/ December 2012

Commemorative Panel of Papal Portraits